05 August 2009

Jakarta's poor reject regional health plan

A group of Jakarta’s poor demanded Wednesday city authorities scrap the regional health insurance scheme in favor of the national community health insurance program.

"The regional scheme is inefficient and prone to corruption," Alvan, a member of the People's Health Council (DKR), said during a protest outside the governor's office in Central Jakarta.

Currently, the city administration provides free health services to people who hold a document that officially classifies them as poor.

"Citizens have to go through a lengthy, complicated procedure to obtain the document," Alvan said. "Besides, the document is useless when traveling."

The protesters voiced their dissatisfaction with the current scheme.

"A state owned hospital once rejected me because I wouldn't pay Rp 2 million (US$200) in advance for my tumor operation, even though I hold the document," protestor Dewi Sartika said.

The Jakarta Post

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